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  • My Mature Neighbor

    Few years ago I moved to small nice city. When we moved there with my girlfriend, We meet with our neighbors and get to know them. What I had noticed my neighbor who lived on second floor (above us) they were couples, he was white male in early 30's tall and sporty body. She was 41 years, looked like late 20's blond hair very very sexy body. I meet her so many times with her sexy short (suppose to be in room)!!

    Mature Teacher Gives Private Tuition

    I am Marianne. I am a fifty year old headmistress of a local girls school. I am also a nymphomaniac. I am also deeply in love ? deeply in love with my cunt. I am well educated and extremely well spoken. I come from a good family and have an unfaithful husband and two twenty something daughters. I am petite, have small tits but extremely large and sensitive nipples. Just after I had my daughters I adored having men and women sucking the milk out of them. My daughters went without while I let my many lovers feast on my tit milk. I especially enjoyed spraying it over their cocks and cunts and then licking my own milk of them. I can cum by just having my nipples sucked and squeezed.

    The A Mature Lady

    I am married, in my early 50s and have a decent sex life with my wife, but something has been missing. My mind wanders when I look at women passing by. I see the movement of their bodies under their clothes, and I wonder how passionate they may be. Would they like a good fuck?

    There Is Always Tomorrow

    When I was 19 I was going out with a girl named Julie. She was about 5 foot 10 brunette with a nice figure and fairly small breasts. We used to go to a local lovers lane and she would usually start by her giving me head and then we would have pretty good sex.

    Mature is the Best

    The bell tinkled lightly as the door opened and closed. ?Be with you in a minute,? Tom called from the back room. ?I?ll wait,? said the woman. He finished putting away his stock wiped his hands and came out front. Tom stopped midst ride. On the other side of the counter was a strikingly good looking woman in her late forties. She was standing sideways and light from the window passed easily through her thin dress. It was obvious she wore little or nothing underneath it. She turned and face him.

    What Friends Are For!

    At the time of the start of this true story I was thirty years old. I had been taking part in 'free n easy's' for about seven years. Free n easy's are where a keyboard player, or band, invite anyone who wants to sing up to do so. I had a regular keyboard player that backed me, and we had become good friends. It was while going along to various places that he played, that I ended up at a small pub in the 'Black Country', here in the UK. The area used to be an industrial heartland, but sadly that has all but ended, and it is now known for various Indian restaurants, and friendly pubs, including the legendary 'Crooked House', which is a pub with as good foundations as the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

    My Best Friend's Mother

    I grew up knowing Trevor and his parents and siblings since I was five years of age. We grew up as kids tend to do along with changing of times Trevor's parents found themselves divorced when were around the age of 19. Trevor and I found ourselves enjoying the bar life when we became of age. Loved the new attention of women and I found a new talent, Karaoke. I was a good singer and that impressed the women. Trevor bragged to his mother one day just how good I was and that she should go sometime just to get out of the house. She decided to go one night and this story is how I learned the facts of life from Karen.

    Marie, My Lover

    The names in this story are changed. I believe this story to be fairly accurate. Who knows if the story gets better with age, or did I forget the good parts? I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. * * * * * I had been traveling for some time. Working for several weeks a various plants around the country. I work as a professional in the environmental field. After spending several years on submarines, and still a southerner, it was only natural me to enjoy time in smoky old bars, listening to country music, and drinking. For many years, my drink of choice was beer, but that became a problem. Coca Cola was now my current vice.

    Young Neighbour's Bliss

    Phyllis had been Grants neighbor, all of his childhood a quite lady that had lost her husband early in life. She often asked Grant to help her do different jobs around her house over the years mowing lawns, gardening etc. Grant always eager to help her as she often paid him for the hours that he had put in. Grant continuing to help Phyllis as he grew into his teens Grant would always spend time talking as he worked with Phyllis. Grant had a few girlfriends over him teen years and Phyllis was always sympathetic, when the relationship crashed around Grant leaving him with a broken heart. Phyllis was always there for Grant in those years and because she had no one herself, Phyllis had became protective of him in his troubled teen years.

    Feeling the Touch of Experience

    For as long as I can remember, I have had a longing to be intimate with an older women. To feel the touch of experience, and maybe be taught a thing or two. Just as many other 18 year old males do, I go online in hopes to fulfill such fantasies. I go on random searches to find erotic older women that might be willing to chat with a hormone ridden teenager such as myself. I have spent many nights dreaming of the mature women that can bring my yearnings to life. I have used many boxes of tissue and jars of Vaseline thinking of her experienced touch and the warmth of her body pressed against mine.

    When You Walk the Dog

    The connection between walking the dog and teaching computer basics to over sixties. Believe me, there can be a very real and ultimately carnal connection, at least, that is what two such dog walkers discovered.

    Along the Path

    Every morning I walk the dog. There is a path that follows the river very near my house. If you go walking at a regular time, you tend to pass the same people walking their dogs every day. Most dog walkers are inclined to make an early morning job of it. I go a bit later and so do not see so many people, but there are a number of people I do pass regularly.

    A Stolen Orgasm

    Once, in a quiet cabin on a private lake, I stole my wife's orgasm. It all started with our planned, weekend get away. The two of us were spending a couple of days alone in a friend's cabin, away from the grime of the city. We had hiked through the woods, then canoed playfully around the lake, enjoying the scenery and finally swimming naked in the cool water. Stretching out on the private beach, I carefully massaged oil deep into her skin. Working my expert hands over the back of her legs and thighs. Turning her over, I continued the massage, but took extra care applying oil across her tits, down her belly and deep into her pussy folds. "Oh Honey," she purred, spreading her legs. "Why don't you finish me off," "Sorry baby, but I figure it's payback time." Remember all the times you squeezed my joint in a crowded room, promising to take care of me later?" "Now, it's my turn to watch you squirm." With that, I eased off and promised her more things to come.

    Why is he always so horny?

    Why is he so strange? Why is he always so horny? Why do I need something more than what he has to give? I know that he tries. I know that he gives me everything he has, and loves me truly.

    The Swimmers

    He was 25 years old and gorgeous. Tall, slender, blue-eyed, wide shoulders, trim hips and waist, with the build of an athlete. He looked very good and very sexy in a business suit. I knew that he was a swimmer because I had seen the photographs on his desk that showed him receiving various medals in college.

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    Hi, I am male 29 bi from Poole/Bournemouth/Dorset area. I am 5'8 medium build with light brown hair. I am looking for a bit of fun with likeminded people. I am into sucking and wanking at the mo, but may go further with people I feel comfortable with. If you are interested, let me know. Take Care

    Hi im Dan 22 from bradford. 5'8'' athletic build n toned. With a thick 7inch cock! Looking for any ladies or couples in the bradford and sorounding areas, but can travel for sum hot sexy action. Please reply with pic. Hope 2 hear from you soon. Im very genuine. X

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